Now it was a time since I wrote anything

Now it was a while since I wrote or uploaded something here, it just has not been done. Time just rolling at a furious speed! It's soon so you have to start lighting and decorating Christmas, My gosh!
Have also wondered how to post my blog in order to make it both inspiring to make and read. Have not come up with any correct solution, so in the meanwhile I make sure you get something to read everyday.
Here is some pictures from my latest Instagram collabs, 1 st is celebrity looks (I choose Kendall Jenner) then it was Disney Princesses (I took Mulan) and last is Disney characters (Tinkerbell).

A little of this and that

Here are some of my latest creations, learn more and more techniques to make face paintings quick and tidy, which is so fun!
Another funny thing that happened is that I won a photo contest for a box that I subscribe to called "NoMakeNoLife". Is a bit like a Glossy box though it contains beauty gadgets and makeup from Japan, it's great fun (I don´t say this only because I won a competition ☺) so I would highly recommend if you want to try out new.

Snapchat filter

I usually try not to be negative in my blog posts (because it may be boring to read) but now it's something I just have to get a little over, Snapchat filter.

Thus, I am by no means negatively set to filters, I use various filters most all the time.
What i mean is all these Instagram and Facebook photos that are used by each and every girl using "dog filter", "cat filter", "rabbit filter" etc, well you understand.

Sure it's cute to do sometime maybe, but not on all the photos you take...
There are a lot of different apps that offer different kinds of filters, for example, the image I use for this post is made in an app called Photolab. There are lots of fun effects that is "sticking out".

Of course, everyone can do just the way they want, and if you think it's fun to use the filters, it's just go ahead. For my part, I think it's boring and unimaginative so you'll never see me using a snapchat filter :)
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