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Feeling creative again

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Now things have begun flowing a little more again so I have had time to be a bit creative too.
Extra fun when I get a lot of positive feedback, at least on my Instagram account.
The training goes well with both strength and flexibility, only the back gets 100, there would not be a lot to complain about.

Back on the road again

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It was awful what life have liked to mess with me lately, but it´s just to keep going. Now, at least, the computer is ok again, or rather, the computer cord to be precise (if now someone cares) because the old did not manage the wild rabbit attack ...
Has been a difficult period as said but now I have some ideas and motivation again, both in terms of exercise and makeup. Did find some time todayand tested a look, not really what I thought from the start but quite satisfied with the results anyway.

Today was a better day.

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Yes it is lucky to have several years of experience of injuries, this you realize when the acute back pain almost completely disappeared in a day.
This is thanks to a whole day devoted to not sit for more than one quarter at a time, backbends (about 30) every hour and some Voltaren. So now it like new again.
Thanks myself :).
Felt even inspired to take pictures of my latest necklace from Mirina Collections (isn´t it wonderful flash?) And an inspirational look for Easter, used only  NYX Cosmetics Vivid Bright Eyeliner.
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