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An ordinary weekend

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Nothing special to tell, did a make-up with the theme "blue" today because I bought a fine blouse in ice blue that where my inspiration. I'm also crazy happy with a pair of shoes I ordered from the same side as the blouse called

Finally feeling well again and new makeup

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So nice to finally cope train as usual, however, I am a bit wary of cardio and trying to focus primarily on flexibility. Was an hour Yoga today which had been considerably more peaceful if my dog hadn´t been beside me chewing on a squeaky toy ... :)

Also had the good fortune to get home my Urban Decay palette that I ordered last week, Full Spectrum is the name, and I just love it!
The colors are so beautiful and if you use fixspray they provide a great color (works withoutt also of course but then the color becomes more matte), tested five of the colors today and everyone was full satisfaction.
Have otherwise heard very mixed opinions but I was thrilled as I said.
As many of my palettes so are the colors of this so you need to have additional matte colors if you want a more everyday look. But if you like me love makeup, that´s not a problem :)

Swatch of BH Cosmetics Galaxy Chic Palette

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Should have done this weekend but I had no time so it was done today instead. Also done a Youtube clip of the appearance of colors, please check it out!

The colors are so-called "Baked" meaning that they, among other things been dried in the sun to give the shadows a more smooth surface. The shadows intensity change depending on whether one applies them dry or wet on the eye.

In the pictures where I show up the colors on the arm, I have taken the paint dry without using any primer under. In the picture, where I spent some of the shadows on the eyes, I have used them wet for a more intense results.

First impressions of the shadows is that they are super nice, a little more hard to work with than usual eye shadows so you have to try to work out how many layers you need and if you want to take some fixspray on the brush (as I did) to make them more visible.
Since all the shadows are shimmery you need to have another palette of matte shadows to complete, it is certainly my opinion. I used some matte shadows from Makeup Geek cosmetics as a base.
It falls some shade during the time you use them so a suggestion, you put your eyes before making the face, then it is easy to just wipe the eye with a wet wipe. However, I have noticed that once you sat the shadows with fixspray, they keep in intensity for long.

This palette has been well-liked which meant that it was out of stock at retailers for a while now so I ordered it from BH Cosmetics own website, they are based in the US but offering shipping to Sweden. However, if you are unlucky (like I was) you have to paying customs duty. The price of the pallet is otherwise at about 140 SEK which is really good price for the 18 shades of good quality.

Overall, I am very pleased with the shadows and can highly recommend them if I think it's fun to experiment with different looks. However, it may not be for those who prefer simple everyday looks.
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