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Finally feeling well again and new makeup

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So nice to finally cope train as usual, however, I am a bit wary of cardio and trying to focus primarily on flexibility. Was an hour Yoga today which had been considerably more peaceful if my dog hadn´t been beside me chewing on a squeaky toy ... :)

Also had the good fortune to get home my Urban Decay palette that I ordered last week, Full Spectrum is the name, and I just love it!
The colors are so beautiful and if you use fixspray they provide a great color (works withoutt also of course but then the color becomes more matte), tested five of the colors today and everyone was full satisfaction.
Have otherwise heard very mixed opinions but I was thrilled as I said.
As many of my palettes so are the colors of this so you need to have additional matte colors if you want a more everyday look. But if you like me love makeup, that´s not a problem :)
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